This is a part of a series about a project defining “Data for Good” and “AI for Good” in a more helpful and nuanced way.

I had the great honor of running a workshop at Good Tech Fest last week on Mapping the Data for Good Landscape. I recently joined on a year-long fellowship, determined to make the big tent of “Data for Good” a little more granular and easy to navigate for nonprofits, foundations, and the public at large. …

A set of colored squiggles on a canvas
Process 16 (Software 2) by Casey Reas

I am thrilled to announce that I am starting a one-year fellowship at this April! For those unfamiliar, is a platform for partnerships to build the field of data science for social impact. Having stepped down as CEO of DataKind last year, I wanted to find an organization where I could focus on field-building activities in the data science and AI for good space. is the perfect place for this work, as it aims to provide a neutral platform where different actors — from funders to social impact orgs to private sector organizations — can learn from…

Jake Porway

Believer in tech+data for beautiful purposes || Director @DataKind || TV nerd @NatGeoChannel || Fiercely optimistic

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